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Home » Solaire Accessories » Accessories for Solaire 27XL Grill


1/2" x 12-foot 160,000 BTU/hour Flexible Grill Hose


1/2" i.d. x 12-foot long flexible hose with quick disconnect fittings. 160,000 BTU/hour gas flow capacity on Natural Gas. Why do you need this hose? 3/8" hoses found at home improvement stores and BBQ shops have a maximum capacity of 60,000 BTU/hour, which is right at the maximum flow of two Solaire burners on HIGH (55,000 BTU/hour). If you have a side burner on your 30" Solaire, a 42" or 56" Solaire, you need the gas flow capacity this hose delivers for proper operation on natural gas. Works well on 27" grills also.
Price: $127.00

BBQ Tray, Stainless Steel, for 27XL Solaire Grills


Item: SOL-IRBT-27XL The BBQ Tray accessory serves three main functions: 1) Drip tray to catch the drippings while rotisserie grilling, thus protecting the burner underneath; 2) Convert Infrared Energy into Convected Heat for indirect, slower, oven-type cooking in you Solaire Grill; 3) Self-Basting. The BBQ Tray should always be filled with liquid (water, beer, wine, etc.) to prevent warping from the high infrared heat. But the added benefit is that the steam from the BBQ Tray self bastes the food above to make it even juicier. Fits on the cooking grid supports, with or without the cooking grid in place. Note: Not for use with 27" Grills. See SOL-IRBT-27
Price: $73.00

Convection Burner conversion Kit for 27XL Solaire Grills


Stainless Steel U-shaped convection burner, stainless steel vaporizer and instructions for 27XL Solaire grills. Convert from Infrared to Convection, or replace existing Convection burner. Note: Not for use with 27"Grills. See SOL-CZ27
Price: $169.00

Cover for 27XL Solaire built-in grills.


Cover for 27" GXL Built-In Grill, UltraTexHyde Material, Embossed Logo
Price: $100.00

Cover for 27XL Solaire pedestal base grills.


Cover for 27" GXL Pedestal Model, UltraTexHyde Material, Embossed Logo
Price: $160.00

Cover for Built-in dual side burner


Cover for Double Built-In Side Burner. Polyester Material, Embroidered Logo (model IRSB-14).
Price: $75.00

Griddle Plate, Stainless Steel, for 27XL Solaire Grills


With a 1/4" stainless steel plate and quality construction, this griddle will provide even heating for cooking pancakes, fajitas, bacon, veggies, or any other griddle treat, right over your Solaire Infrared burner. Replaces cooking grid when in use. 17" l x 12.5" w x 2.25" h Note: Not for use with 27" Grills. See SOL-IRGP-27
Price: $239.00

Grilling Grate for 27GXL grills


One stainless steel V-shape grilling grate for AGBQ-27GXL and IRBQ-27GXL grills. 11 3/8" w x 16 3/4" d. Two per grill required. Item #SOL-2813R
Price: $166.00

Infrared Burner for 27XL models


Infrared Burner and Screen for 27XL model grills. Use to either replaces existing infrared burner or to convert convection burner to infrared. Burner dimensions: 9 1/8" w x 12 1/4" d (tiles: 7 3/4" w x 11" d)
Price: $169.00

Natural to Propane Conversion Kit for 27XL Solaire Grills


Kit to convert your 2XL grill (two burner units with IR rear rotisserie burner) to Propane from Natural Gas fuel source. Includes two main burner orifices, rotisserie burner orifice and LP Hose/Regulator to attach to a 20 lb. propane tank. NOTE: Be sure to change the gas setting on the installed convertible regulator at the gas inlet of the grill and to perform the low fire adjustment on each main burner (see Care & Use Manual). Note: Not for use with 27" Grills. See SOL-NG-LP-27
Price: $115.00

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FireStones™ - an interesting alternative to gas logs for vented fireplaces.  Fireproof stone shapes in calico colors (shown), black/gray/white or monochrome from a choice of eight colors

Solaire Anywhere™ - the searing power of infrared in a convenient portable.  Great gift for Dad or Grad!

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