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Rasmussen Iron Works, Inc.
12028 E. Philadelphia St.
Whittier, CA  90601
Fax: 562-698-3510



Home » Solaire Accessories » Accessories for Solaire 27" Grills

BBQ Tray, Stainless Steel, for 27" Solaire Grills
BBQ Tray, Stainless Steel, for 27" Solaire Grills

For use with Solaire 27G models and TEC Patio II, Sterling II and Sterling III. (Note: Not for use with 27XL Grills. See SOL-IRBT-27XL). The BBQ Tray accessory serves three main functions: 1) Drip tray to catch the drippings while rotisserie grilling, thus protecting the burner underneath; 2) Convert Infrared Energy into Convected Heat for indirect, slower, oven-type cooking in you Solaire Grill; 3) Self-Basting. The BBQ Tray should aways be filled with liquid (water, beer, wine, etc.) to prevent warping from the high infrared heat. But the added benefit is that the steam from the BBQ Tray self bastes the food above to make it even juicier. Fits on the cooking grid supports, with or without the cooking grid in place.

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Price: $67.00

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