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Vented Gas Log Sets for use in fully functioning fireplaces in which it is safe to burn wood.  A wide variety of styles, such as bark, split, driftwood, and birch, and many burner types to achieve different appearances.  Convenient lighting controls including remote controls.  Solutions for large and unusual fireplaces, including Rumford Fireplaces.
Chillbuster Vent-Free/Reduced Vent Gas Log Heaters.  A variety of styles utilizing state-of-the-art burners and proven designs that allow more heat to stay in the room by closing the damper or using in a ventless firebox. 
ALTERNA Vented Contemporary Gas Fires.   FireBalls, FireShapes and FireStones are modern alternatives to the traditional gas log set.  Available in many colors and combinations to complement your decor.
ALTERNA Vent-Free/Reduced Vent Contemporary Gas Fires.   FireBalls, FireShapes and FireStones with a highly efficient, clean burning burner and a selection of lighting controls, including remote control.  Finally, a modern heating alternative to gas logs!
Log Stacks for FirePits and 360 viewed Fireplaces. 
Solaire Infrared Grilling Systems
First there was charcoal, then there was gas.  Finally, a grill with the technology to combine the high heat of lump charcoal with the controllability and convenience of gas. All in a quality-built, attractive stainless steel package.
Solaire Anywhere Portable Infrared Grill - Barron's Magazine "Gadget of the Week"
The perfect introduction to the benefits of infrared grilling and to our full Solaire line.  Great for RVers and Tailgaters - heats up fast (less than three minutes), cools down fast (pack away in about 15 minutes) and no coals to dispose of.


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