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Troubleshooting Feedback We Have Received

12/29/07  Thanks for the cleaning directions for our gas log set.  It works perfectly now after following the instructions on your web site.  The total time was only 10 minutes and that included setting up the vacuum and total cleanup.
Satisfied Customer

12/5/07  Dear Mr. Rasmussen:
I finally got around to tackling the problem with my gas logs yesterday.  Your instructions were wonderful!  I was able to fix the problem by myself and had my logs back in operation in no time at all.  I burned them for four hours while I decorate my game room.  Thanks so much for the valuable information about troubleshooting problems with gas logs and all I needed to do was vacuum and clean out the hole.  You saved me another service call and money for a new part and for that I am grateful, not to mention the wait period and arranging time for a visit.  I love my logs!

1.23.07  Hello, You can add me to the list of grateful people that saved $100.00 +.  I was not able to keep the pilot light on my Chillbuster 3 lit and cleaned out the air intake hole as you suggested.  Results were immediate and we cancelled our service call.  We are warm and toasty thanks to your excellent advice.
Very Gratefully,

12.20.06  Thank you so much for the helpful tip of how to clean the pilot to make my fireplace unit light. I was able to quickly fix it using your directions and enjoy my fireplace again!!!!   Fran

9.26.06  I did not read your site in time.  Cost me $180 for an ODS pilot tube assembly that had hardly been used.  Depressed.   – Bill in SC

12.10.05  Thank you so much for the troubleshooting info related to the pilot light going out. We thought  we would have to get the  gas logs serviced, but were able to fix it ourselves thanks to your helpful web site!!!   Beth

11.23.05  Just thought you’d be interested in knowing that when I had trouble keeping the pilot light lit on my ChillBuster, I went straight to your website and found the solution. I was back in business within 15 minutes.
Thanks for keeping us customers informed.

That was brilliant. Took me less than 5 mins and saved a bunch of $$$.
Appreciate your swift response and help.
John C. (one satisfied customer)

Some time ago I contacted you about s problem with a yellow powdery deposit on my walls and tiles caused by you unvented fire logs. Unlike any other company I have had to contact about a problem with a product, your rep did not start off telling me that there was no way his product could be causing the problem. He pointed out that everything in the air got drawn into the gas jet and came out into the air again perhaps changed by the heat. He suggested that scented candles might be a source of an airborne agent. Since we don't use candles this seemed not to be very helpful but when I told my wife what he had told me she knew right away what was the culprit. She simmers cloves in a simmering pot for the fragrance and when she stopped that the yellow stuff went away. Thank you for your help.  
Ashton G.

3.2.05  Thank you for your speedy reply to my e-mail.
You were right and I now have a working fire place.
Thank you.
Clemmons, NC

From: Paul & Susan
Sent: Monday, February 14, 2005 5:37 PM
To: Rich Subject: You Were Right!


We wanted to take a moment to thank you for your help.  With your guidance, we discovered that our thermocouple was incorrectly installed.  Paul was able to install the new one in a very short time and the fireplace has been working beautifully since.
Thanks again.

1.19.05  Thanks very much for your helpful and quick reply.  That is just one of the many reasons we tell everyone how pleased we have been that we chose a Rasmussen Logset! 
Thanks once again for any follow-up advice you can offer-
Roy H. in VA

1.30.05  Mr. Rasmussen,
Thank you very much for the helpful information, I read this information and performed cleaning out the air intake with compressed air. It appears to be working back to normal as we speak. Thanks once again for a Great Product and most importantly the quick response in support of the product. I will highly recommend your products to other clients that I'm associated with. Additionally I see that you manufacture the Gas Grill Product line! I'm very interested in this line as well......I'll check out your website for additional information.
Tim B.

1.18.05  Re: Your an Angel...thanks for quick ...rsvp
I think you are right, too....I just cleaned around the outside of the unit, so I will do what you said.
We love our fireplace, we have had it for 7 years.
It really does help us lower our electric bills for heating.
Thanks again,
Christopher Columbus Racing Team

2.17.04  Rett, your quick response saved us some $$$ on an unnecessary service call.
We cleaned up the unit and repositioned the thermocouple as instructed and it seems to be working fine again.
Carolyn & Bob

Sent: Saturday, January 31, 2004 11:27 AM
To: rett
Subject: RE: gas log problem

Thank you for your prompt courteous reply to my e-mail today. Like you suspected the problem seemed to lay in the fact that the system needed a good cleaning. It is nice to hear from a company still willing to communicate with past customers in such a prompt, courteous and efficient manner. Thank you for your time. Jim Campbell. 

1.14.04  Mr. Rasmussen,
I just wanted to let you know that I followed the instructions that you outlined in step A and my gas logs are now working perfectly!  Your assistance was greatly appreciated!
Allan R.

1.7.04  Rett Rasmussen,
I thank you for your quick response to my request for information about the Chillbuster log set.
The information was most helpful.   It appears that the air intake holes in the ODS pilot were the problem.   The logs are back in the family's good graces again and we thank you.
Paul B.

12.21.03  Dear Mr. Rasmussen:
I did as you suggested and cleaned the air intake holes with compressed air and my logs are working great.
Thanks so much for your help!
Happy Holidays,
Elmo I.

12.21.03  Rett,  Thanks for your help. It worked.

12.18.03  Mr. Rasmussen,
You were right on target. I followed your procedures and I'm back in business. All I needed to do was to clean out the two holes.
Once again, many thanks for the thoughtful and rapid response. It's refreshing to know that there are companies out there who really care about customer satisfaction.
I will definitely make it a point to recommend your products to my neighbors and friends and yes, you are on the top of my list for a new "Chillbuster."
Once again, thanks and I wish Rasmussen continued success.
Ken W.

11.25.03  Dear Mr. Rasmussen:
You  have saved me about $250- $300! I finally was able to work on my balking gas log. Although it looked to be nearly pristine, I cleaned out the ODS air intake, put it back together and it works!  I was almost prepared to buy a new gaslog set, since my house is on the market and I really have to have the fireplace working.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help.
Jim R.

12.6.03  Wow! I cleaned out the ODS and now the logs are working great! Thank-you so much for the tip, it saved me at least $85 for a service visit. Have a great Holiday!! George


12.7.03  Thank you for your helpful and prompt reply.
Cleaning was the secret.  Pilot has remained lit for over 24 hours.
Richard D.




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