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"I have a 27 inch infrared Solaire, which I love. It is really great at searing meats. In particular it does an extraordinarily good job with Elk, a lean and delicate meat. Thanks so much for such a great grill!"
    -- Lee, Denver, CO

"I purchased the Solaire 27XL free standing grill about seven years ago. This has been the most incredible cooking device that I have ever owned. It was worth multiples of what I paid for it at the time. I have had family members begging for invitations for BBQ at our house! Your grill is a superb product."
     --  Reed, Boca Raton, FL

"The Solaire Anywhere Grill that got to me just before Fathers Day, I must say is heaven in a little silver box!  I cannot honestly remember the last time my wife has clapped after every bite of food that she ate after having steak for the first time on the Anywhere grill.  Well done on this product, we love it!"
     -- Chris, Houston, TX

"I took a few metal shop classes in junior and senior high school, so I know good work when I see it. While I work in the Information Technology business where everything is made by machines, I appreciate anything well-made by a human worker. Thank you for the fine workmanship your company performed on my Solaire Anywhere Portable Infrared Grill (marine-grade stainless steel version). I wish that the rest of America's manufacturing companies would learn from your example: customers are prepared to pay more money for superior craftsmanship. Also, your company proves that a small American business can manufacture the finest products with American labor and materials."
-- Alexander, Cambridge, MA

"We have your Solaire Anywhere portable infrared grill.  Believe me, we do use it anywhere and everywhere on this big island - beach, ocean, volcano areas and woodlands.  Hawaii is the perfect place for your product.  Just love it!"
-- Karl & Marsha, Kailua Kona, Hawaii 

"I have never had such a nice grill in my 55 years. I must say no one who has had a steak at my home on your grill will ever have a steak in a restaurant again. I have spoiled them."
     --  Tim, Delray Beach, FL

I purchased a Solaire Anywhere grill.  I live in Anchorage, Alaska, and on several occasions have grilled a steak when it was zero degrees F outside. the steak comes out perfect, even at that temperature.  Takes maybe two extra minutes in the cold, but no complaints whatsoever.  In the summertime, a marinated salmon filet is done in less than five minutes.  Thanks for a great product.  Well worth the price.
-- Greg, Anchorage, AK

If there was a Hall of Fame for grills I would nominate your Solaire Anywhere portable grill.  What a great product. Better than advertised.  Restaurant quality cooking at home.  I will be retiring my old gas grill that I paid $1400.00 for and the Solaire will be the standard in which all gas grills will be measured against..  In a word...WOW... No make that two WOWS...
-- Larry, Boston, MA

Thank you. We are most impressed with how well we have been able to grill hot dogs and hamburgers at baseball games for the Miami Marlins. Now we're movin up to the Big Time: yellowtail fillets. Your help is very appreciated.
            -- Wolf, Miami, FL

From my own experience I can tell you that owning a Solaire has taken all the thrill out of eating a steak at a high end steak house. I'm almost always disappointed because I can do it better on my Solaire grill. You truly have built the best gas grill on the planet.
            -- Kevin, Boulder ,CO

I have enjoyed my grill so far, and look forward to experimenting more.  Just about every time I cook is an experiment.  That is the fun of it.
            -- Frank, Baton Rouge, LA

This grill is absolutely the best of the best.  I have owned five other brands, including W---- and T--.  None come even close to the quality and performance of the Solaire.
            -- Ron, Franklin Square, NY

Takes a little learning but well worth the effort!
            -- Joe, Columbia, SC

I also bought the portable version and love it too!  Your grills have completely changed my grilling habits.  It is no longer something I have to plan ahead for -  your grills heat up and cook so fast, it can be a last minute decision!  My microwave is getting a long overdue rest!
            -- Randy, Stone Mountain, GA

By the way, it's the best grill I've ever used.
            -- Max, St. Louis, MO

We had the best V----- that money can buy.  We were so pleased with the results of the Solaire (for our cabin), that we got rid of our almost-new V----- and bought a second Solaire for our home!
            -- Sue, Plymouth, MN

Really terrific grill!!
            -- Phillip, Opelousas, LA

Comparison shopping, with a magnet, convinced me that you are the only truthful stainless steel product on the market.
            -- Henry, Arlington Heights, IL

Amazing grill!!
            -- Ross, Pacific Palisades, CA

I don’t tell anyone about Solaire – all I have to do is serve a steak, seasoned only with salt and cooked medium rare on my Solaire grill.  And that’s served with homemade fries cooked in the fryer basket on the burner right next to the steaks.  Words do not have to be (and usually aren’t) spoken after that.  It’s a religious experience!
            -- David, Charleston, SC

Wonderful!  Wonderful!  Most sophisticated barbecue I ever owned.
            --  Ian, Victoria, BC, Canada

 We cooked on it the day we got it and our steaks were wonderful and were juicy and fast.  Like going out to eat, just as good if not better.
            --  Martrecia, Amarillo, TX

First steaks … AWESOME!
            --  Patrick, Lake Forest, IL

I have only had the opportunity to use the grill twice.  It did a great job both times, cooking steaks to perfection.  I am upgrading from another model Infrared and already see a vast improvement.
            -- Duane, Durham, NC

We LOVE this grill (AGBQ-27GXL).  It is definitely one of our prize possessions.  I cannot believe how good it cooks.  Steaks are phenomenal.  I purchased one for my Dad and a Solaire Anywhere for my friend as a gift.  They both love them too.
            -- Rick, Fort Myers, FL

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