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Testimonial - July, 2006

Terry A. from Temecula, CA, is very pleased with his AGBQ-27G Solaire Infrared Grill.  He shared the following gems with us.
  • By the way, it is my "just one man's opinion", but I firmly believe that if Tom Hanks had this grill and a few head of cattle.....he would never have left the island.
  • I've owned almost every "sure-fire" grill, to end all grills....Lynx...Bull...Viking....Wolf....Members Mark..etc... However your unobtrusive, Clark Kent look-alike, really does possess the ability to take a steak, tuna, albacore, salmon, etc....to the level of the professional chef.....and dare I say....beyond.  Given the proper seasonings, I would feel quite comfortable in challenging ANYONE, who does not have this fantastic grill, including the below-mentioned Food Channel Superstars.
  • If this is a steak cook-out.....Emeril...pack your bags...Two Hot Tamales...stick to tacos....Bobby Flay..Just chill....don't grill.
  • If I were a few years younger, I would gladly take this unit, issue challenges around the planet, and show the world what a truly gourmet steak tastes like.

Thank you, Terry!  Happy Grilling!

We welcome your Solaire testimonials and grilling successes.  Please contact us



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