Solaire Portable Infrared Grills - Serious Heat for Grilling on the Go!

Solaire Anywhere: Overall size 21"W x 12"H x 13"D (including carrying handles).  20 lbs. Includes Carrying Bag.

Solaire Everywhere: Overall size 21"W x 9"H x 13"D (including carrying handles).  15 lbs.

Solaire Anywhere and Everywhere Portable Infrared Grills share the following features:

. 14,000 BTUs of infrared power
. Lightweight (20lbs for the Anywhere;
    15 lbs. for the Everywhere)
. All stainless steel construction
(Difference between 304 and 316 SS)
   (20 ga. for Anywhere; 24 ga. for
. Pushbutton electronic ignition
. 155 sq. inch grilling surface
- V-shape grilling grids virtually eliminates
    flare-ups while increasing flavor
. Uses 1 lb. propane bottles or 20 lb. tank
    with optional adaptor. Can also be
    converted to use natural gas.
. Great introduction to the benefits of
    Solaire Infrared - try before you buy
    one of our larger patio models (27", 30",
    42" and 56" sizes).
. Great for RVers and Tailgaters - heats up
    fast (less than three minutes), cools
    down fast (pack away in about 15
    minutes) and no coals to dispose of.

Differences between
Anywhere and Everywhere

Are our larger Solaire patio models out of your budget?  No worry - Place the Solaire Anywhere or Everywhere next to your conventional grill to get the benefits of Solaire Infrared while keeping your current grill.  Sear with the high heat of the Solaire Anywhere, then finish the grilling on your conventional grill.  A small investment for a huge increase in your backyard grilling performance!

Anywhere includes carry bag with double shoulder straps and pockets to hold three 1 lb. propane bottles.
Optional rail mount and marine-grade all 316 stainless steel model.
(click for larger image)
Optional tripod stand is perfect for use on your deck or patio. Folds for easy transport, making it great for RVs, camping and tailgating.

Please note:  The hood must be open at all times when the burner is lighted.  Solaire Infrared grills with direct heat, not heating the air around the food like conventional grills.  The hood is for protecting the burner when not in use.

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There are many knockoffs of the Solaire Anywhere on the market, but nothing else is a Solaire. Read on...