Differences and Similarities between Solaire
Anywhere and Everywhere Portable Infrared Grills

There are five main differences between the Anywhere and the Everywhere:

1) The Anywhere (SOL-IR17B) weighs 20 lbs.; the Everywhere (SOL-EV-17A) weighs 15 lbs.
2) The Anywhere is made from thicker 20 gauge stainless steel; the Everywhere is made from thinner 24 gauge stainless steel.
3) The Anywhere has a larger appearance than the Everywhere.  The Everywhere is about 3-inches shorter overall.
4) The Anywhere includes the Carrying Bag.  For the Everywhere it is not included but can be purchased separately ($65 msrp).
5) The Price.  Anywhere = $389 msrp; Everywhere = $299 msrp.

They share many of the same qualities and features:
1) Made from 304 commercial grade stainless steel.
2) Same size grilling area.
3) Same push button electronic ignition.
4) The same great infrared grilling performance.
5) Can both use all of the various accessories (including tank adapter, tripod, natural gas conversion, rail mount, grid scraper).
6) Made in the USA by a 104-year old family business.

                    Solaire Everywhere                                Solaire Anywhere


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