Nothing else cooks like a Solaire Anyhwere portable infrared grill

Beware of Imitators

If you see a grill that looks like a Solaire Anywhere but is marketed under a different name ... BEWARE.  These grills look similar to our Solaire Anywhere because they are "knock-offs" made by others.  What they cannot knock-off is our 97-year family business with its high standards for quality, our gas appliance engineering knowledge and our commitment to a full line of excellent grilling products. We have also made many improvements to the Solaire Anywhere  that the imitators have not (see below).

They say that  imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but we feel no compliment. If you want the "real deal", please purchase our Solaire Anywhere.

There are many improvements we have made in our current Solaire Anywhere grills that are not present in the knock-offs, who copied earlier versions of our Solaire Anywhere grills:

It is doubtful that Solaire Anywhere parts and accessories will work on any of the knock-offs.  While they may appear similar, there are subtle differences, such as US threads versus Metric, and other dimensional or manufacturing changes, that would preclude our parts working on their grills.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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