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Barron's Magazine - Sept.3, 2007
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Our Gadget of the Week

A Moveable Feast


Solaire Anywhere Portable Grill -- Price: $380. Stats: 21 inches wide by 12 inches high by 13 inches deep. Features: Grilling surface of 155 sq. inches uses infrared to cook fast. Tripod stand available. Website: www.solairegrills.com

LABOR DAY WEEKEND NEEDN'T MARK THE END to outside barbecuing. Nor do late-season cookouts have to be restricted to the patio. The compact Solaire Anywhere Portable Grill works well on the boat, on the tailgate or at your favorite hillside spot for taking in the fall foliage. Weighing in at a luggable 20 pounds and supplied in a carry bag with handles, it's the perfect grill for a remote feast.

Petite in everything but cooking power, the Solaire Anywhere churns out a formidable 14,000 BTUs, better than many ordinary backyard grills. The key to what's different is inside the box, above the gas flames -- a ceramic grid that heats evenly and gives off infrared rays.

We found it more than a match for our giant Weber gas grill, and a fine addition to a small patio. It heats from cold to cookworthy in about three minutes, and cools off fast enough to be carried away 15 minutes after shutdown.

The cooking surface, which is 15 inches by just under 10.5 inches, is large enough to handle eight outsized hamburgers or four hefty steaks. Cleaning is a cinch, since the heat quickly burns off food residue. And there are no coals requiring disposal.

The Solaire is constructed from high-grade stainless (and for salt-water boating, there's an even tougher, corrosion-proof version). The grill runs on propane -- either portable one-pound bottles or ordinary 20-pound tanks.

It's made by Rasmussen Iron Works, a private company known for making high-quality gas fireplace inserts. Rasmussen also makes larger patio grills, costing $1,200 to more than $5,000.

-- Jay Palmer




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