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Replacement Parts made by Rasmussen/Solaire
for the following grills made by Thermal Engineering Company (TEC): 

Solaire Replacement burner is on the left of each photo, original TEC burner
on the right.  Click on photos for a larger view.

"I ordered a set of burners for my TEC Patio 2 and wanted to thank you for saving my grill. They went in perfectly and fit like a glove. My grill is back in working order. Thanks again."
--- Andy R., East Hanover, NJ

For Patio II, Sterling II & Sterling III (click on Item # to purchase)

  Item # Description MSRP ea.


Infrared Burner, stainless steel with ceramic plate (requires 2 each for Patio II and Sterling II; 3 each for Sterling III).  Includes mesh.


SOL-TEC-STBS Screen Only for use on either above burner or original TEC-made burner.



V-Channel Grilling Grate, 12.75" wide x 14.75" deep stainless steel (requires 2 each for Patio II and Sterling II; 3 each for Sterling III)


Solaire Accessories that fit into the TEC Patio II, Sterling II
and Sterling III


Wood Chip Smoker Box, stainless steel



Griddle Plate, stainless steel



BBQ Tray, stainless steel



Steamer/Fryer with basket and steamer attachment and lid, stainless steel



Wok and ring (replaces grilling grate).  Original TEC product, limited quantities available.  Never used condition, but no warranty.


All prices are US$.  Prices are subject to change without notice. Items are subject to availability.  One Year Limited Warranty against defects in material and workmanship on all of the above items (except Wok).



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